1- Short Film Competition organized by ISARC; It is organized in the fiction category with the subject of ADDICTION, and films made after January 01, 2021 can apply for the competition.

2- Application to the competition is made by the director or producer. If the directing is done by more than one person, it is obligatory to obtain the written permission of the other persons and attach it to the application form.

3- Only short films made in the fictional type of students studying in open education, associate degree, undergraduate, graduate, doctorate / proficiency in arts programs of universities can apply for the competition.

4- The duration of the productions to participate in the competition should not exceed 15 minutes. (The selection committee has the right to bend the time limitations by 10% if it deems necessary.)

5- All information about the competition activitiesşmasi

can be reached via the address.

6-DVD copies of the films that pass the pre-selection may also be requested.

7-Images of the films participating in the competition can be used for promotional purposes. When films are requested to be commercially broadcast by various television channels after the competition, the Competition Committee helps establish a relationship between the producer / director and the television channel.

8-Short films participating in the competition will be evaluated by the preliminary jury members and as a result of the evaluation, the productions that do not comply with the competition conditions will be eliminated without being submitted to the evaluation of the main jury.

9-A total of 3 awards in the fiction short film category, including first prize, second prize and third prize; will be given. A selection will be made based on the cinematographic qualities among the finalist films. If the main jury wishes, they may give special awards to the films participating in the competition by explaining the reason, or they may not give one or more of the awards by showing the justification. The awards will be announced atşmasi.

Award Category

1st Prize: 5.000 TL

2nd Prize: 4.000 TL

3rd Prize: 3.000 TL

Jury special prize

10- In the competition, additional special awards may be given by various individuals and organizations whose applications are approved by the Competition Committee. The selection of films for these additional awards may be determined by the applicant or organization, and may be notified to the Competition Management in writing with justifications, or the selection may be requested by the Competition Selection Committee.

11-Applications for the competition should be sent Short Film link address to the address Kı ( Unlisted on Youtube channel).

12-The application deadline to participate in the competition is 01 JULY 2021 until 17:00.

13- Turkish subtitles of films whose original language is not Turkish should be integrated with the film. Films without subtitles will not be evaluated.

14- Participants can withdraw from the competition until one month before the jury evaluation date to be announced. In this case, they cannot rejoin the contest.

15- All responsibility for matters requiring copyright belongs to the applicant. The ISARC committee has no responsibility for any copyright-related matter. Non-copyrighted music, photos, etc. the responsibilities belong to the director and / or the producer. ISARC management does not assume any liability for copyrights.

16- No screening fees or royalties are paid for the films that are shortlisted.

17- ISARC Committee the director and / or producer who wrote the credits of the movie


18- Compliance of the participating films with the specifications is checked by the ISARC committee and the pre-jury. The ISARC Committee may eliminate or disqualify films that do not comply with the specification at every stage of the festival.

19- The ISARC Committee may disqualify the film if any of the film crew acts inappropriately at every stage of the competition, makes propaganda, commit a crime, attack the festival committee, jury members, guests and other participating directors and teams, and the audience.

20- The revision requests of the contestants who have completed their application will not be accepted after this stage.

21- ISARC Short Film Competition has the right to create a selection and display the participating films in domestic and international organizations without permission, by notifying the film director via e-mail, by making a general announcement on social media. After the director or producer completes the application, it is deemed to have accepted the competition terms and conditions.

22- Short films participating in the competition will be evaluated by the pre-jury members and as a result of the evaluation, the number of films determined by the pre-jury will be submitted to the jury evaluation. In addition, the productions that do not comply with the competition conditions will be eliminated by the pre-jury without being submitted to the evaluation of the original jury.

23- Preliminary evaluation result of the films applying to the competition

It will be announced atşmasi. In the following days, an award ceremony will be held open to the press. These dates will also be announced on the relevant website.

24- Candidates participating in the competition are deemed to have accepted the conditions in the specification.

25. The director or producer must broadcast the short films that will participate in the contest Unlisted on the Youtube channel and send their link address to the contest e-mail address. Films shared openly on social media and other internet channels cannot participate in the competition.

26. Relatives of the jury members cannot participate in the competition.


Short Film Competition Jury Board:

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Sedat Cereci

Hatay Mustafa Kemal University

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Biber

Near East University

Prof. Dr. Hanafi Uzbek

Izmir Bakircay University

Prof. Dr. Decent Orhon

Eskisehir Anatolian University

Associate Professor. Sabire Soytok

Dokuz Eylul University