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Texts should be prepared using Microsoft Word (MS Office 2003-2007).

Word files should be prepared in A4 size, using Times New Roman font, maximum 15 pages.

Figures (graphic, map, photo) should be in JPEG or TIFF format with a resolution of at least 300 DPI.

Figures should not be included in the text file. There should be explanations below the figures.


1.5 Line Space

Author / Authors' Name and SURNAME, Name of the institution where the authors work (TNR 11pt. ​​And bold,No gap)

Summary (TNR 12pt.)

Abstracts should be between 200-300 words.

Summary Text, TNR 12 pt, must be justified.

Keywords: (TNR 12 pt, bold): (3-5 pieces) Keyword1, Keyword2, Keyword3, Keyword4, Keyword5 (TNR 12 pt, normal)




-Text; It should consist of Introduction, Study Area, Material and Method, Results and Discussion, Results, Contribution and Bibliography.

-Subtitles should be Times New Roman, 12pt, Bold. Main Text: Times New Roman 12pt, should be written normally.

-Figures (graphics, maps, photographs, etc.) should be in JPEG or TIFF format with a resolution of at least 300 DPI, and should be arranged in accordance with A4 page size.

-Figure and table descriptions should be TNR 11pt.

-Margins Top: 3.5 cm Bottom: 3.5 cm Left: 2.5 cm Right: 2.5 cm Gutter: 0 cm





Cawley M., Gaffey S., Gillmor D. (1999). The Role of Quality Tourism and Craft SME in Rural Development: Evidence from the Republic of Ireland. Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research, 10 (1), 45-59.


Efe R., Greenwood M. (2007). Vegetation Zonation Patterns on the Göksu Delta (Southern Turkey). J. Applied Sciences, 7 (16), 2277-2284. 


Hoballah A. (2006). Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean Region. Natural Resources Forum, Volume 30, 157-167. 


Hall C.M., Lew A. (1998). Sustainable Tourism: A Geographical Perspective. Longman, Harlow. 





Swarbrooke J. (1996). Towards the Development of Sustainable Rural Tourism in Eastern Europe. In Tourism in Central and Eastern Europe: Educating for Quality, ed. G. Richards, pp. 137–63. Tilburg: Tilburg University Press. 



Poster presentations will be held during the symposium, and the authors must be in front of their posters while the posters are posted in order to provide information and answer questions. 

Poster size should be maximum 90 cm (width) x 90 cm (height). Poster text should be readable from 1-2 meters.

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